When & Where is Holi Festival Celebrated in India 2019?

Holi is considered one of India’s most respected and celebrated festivals and it is celebrated in almost every part of the country. It is sometimes called “festival of love” because on this day people unite by forgetting all the anger and all kinds of bad feelings towards each other. The great Indian festival lasts one day and one night, which starts from the day of full moon or full moon day in Phalgun month. It is celebrated on the first evening of the festival by the name of Holika Dahan or small holi and next day Holi is called. It is known by different names in different parts of the country.

The vibrancy of colors is such a thing which brings great positiveity in our lives and the festival of colors is actually a day of fun. Holi is a famous Hindu festival which is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in every part of India. The ritual starts by lighting the bonfire one day before Holi and this process symbolizes the victory of good over evil. On Holi, people play colors with their friends and families and show love and respect for their close people in the evening with Abir.

Best Holi parties in Delhi to celebrate the vibrant festival of colors!

The most colorful festival of the year has come back again and this time, in 2019, the Holi parties in Delhi are going to be better than ever. Here are some of the most decreasing places of the city where you can enjoy the vibrant festival of colors with ‘Delivar turn’.

A festival of joy which indicates the end of winter and the reception of spring, Holi’s programs in Delhi are some of the most anticipated ceremonies for the city. An epic mix of music, sports, colors, food and drinks, and social connections not only attracts locals, but also a ton of foreign tourists, especially for the festival of Holi, which falls on March 21 this year. Come to India

Top 6 Holi Party (2019) in Delhi

Holi is a major festival of India and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Some of the most popular places to enjoy the Holi festival in Delhi, India are:

1. Holi India Color Festival

International festival, Holi India Color Festival has become a popular program for travelers all over the world. The proof of its popularity lies in the fact that how the festival has grown in popularity and now it takes place in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Where: Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit, New Delhi
When: 20th to 21st March, 2019
Price: Yet To Be Announced

2. Balam Pichkari

Farmhouse located on the outskirts of the city is often an ideal place to celebrate Holi such festival on a relatively small scale. One of the most Holi parties in Delhi is annually in Buddhist farms in Noida. Last year, P Balam Pichakari ‘- this event included hosts such as rain-dance party, EDM, pool usage, and festival grounds, which created a big bang among the party’s people in Delhi.

Where: To be announced yet
When: March 21, 2019
Price: To be declared so far

3. Color Leela

For the lovers of festivals and dance music, the best Holi party in Delhi should definitely organize the color Leela Festival in Friends Republic Café in Gurugram. This is an incredible 12-hour long BYOB party which inspires you to taste a Holi festival, rain dance, live bhangra performance, camel and baggy rides, and many authentic Indian dishes such as Guzhiya and Pan.

Where: To be announced yet
When: March 21, 2019
Price: To be declared so far

4. Holi Moo Festival

The organizers of this festival have said this incident as an underground movement, which brings the same ideologue artists, musicians and people to an annual gathering in New Delhi. He has more than a decade of experience in organizing this program at the Holi Mo Festival, which has many stages, festive herbal colors, and delicious food which takes the experience to a new level.

Where: Junk Lawn, Asiad Tower, Asiad Village, New Delhi
When: March 21, 2019
Contact: +91 1141045740
Price: $ 2,500

5. Unify Holi Music Festival

For the festival of Holi, a grand festival of colors, music and cultural festivities is celebrated at the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. One of the largest Holi parties in Delhi, the Holi concert season 2 has hours of music, several major podiums, water activities, best performers and a gathering which usually goes upwards of 5000.

Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi
When: March 21, 2019
Price: $ 79 to US $ 1,499

6. Holy Communion 2019

To host some top DJs on the floor, Sangaria 2019 will be a Holi party like nobody else that you have participated till date. With the famous music of all genres, mouth-watering dishes and grand colors in the air, it will set your mood very well. Just make sure that you are there with your gang because unlimited fun is waiting for you all!

Where: GameForrest Club, Archview Drive, Sector-58, Gururgram
When: March 21, 2019
Price: INR 1000

When and where 2019 is celebrated in India?

Indian Holi Festival is once a year event which is famous for the fun and ubiquitous color powder. This is one of the best opportunities India has to experience its most joyful. But do not hurry to throw yourself in this festive celebration of colors, which is also famous for its insanity, some homework in advance will prove helpful.

Holi festival is celebrated in India?

In 2019, the Holi Festival will be on March 20 when it will be celebrated in a modest manner; The main day of color play will be on March 21. However, the specific date of the Holi festival can vary from year to year, because it is celebrated on the full moon day of Phagun (12th) month in the Hindu calendar, which usually occurs in the Gregorian Calendar in late February Beginning of march In some places, Holi is celebrated before official Holi day. Known as the festival of colors, Holi is celebrated to mark the beginning of spring.

How long is Holi?

Holi usually only lasts for one night and one day, and usually starts in the evening on the full moon day. But in different areas, permanent days can vary.

How old is the festival of Holi?

The Holi festival has a long history, which is mentioned by the Puranas (a huge genre of Indian literature about a wide range of topics), Daskumara Charit (a prose romance in Sanskrit), and Kalidas (a classical Sanskrit writer and poet) It has been mentioned in Ratnavali (a Sanskrit drama) during the 4th century, and during the 7th century. However, it is believed that earlier Holi festival is different from the present Holi. In earlier times, it was performed by married women to pray for the happiness and health of their families.

Who celebrates Holi?

Although Holi is a Hindu religious festival, it has become popular among non-Hindus at many places outside South Asia and Asia, and in the past few years, many palaces in North America and Europe have celebrated the festival of joy, joy The form has spread. And color. It is difficult to tell how many people celebrate Holi.

What do we do in Holi?

In the night before Holi, people gather together, usually perform religious rituals in front of the bonfire, and then pray for the destruction of their internal evil. The next morning, people start the real carnival, smear each other with colored powder and dip each other out into open grounds, parks, and temples and buildings in the field.

And sometimes water guns and water balloons are used for recreation. With drum and other musical instruments, people sing and dance in different places. People will also meet their families and friends to color each other and then share the best wishes of Holi.

Where is Holi celebrated?

Holi is an important festival celebrated throughout India, during which many activities are organized. Generally speaking, the festival of Holi celebration in North India, especially in the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit (Delhi, Jaipur, Agra) is more vivid and delightful than the Southern part of India, which is the most important for religion and religion and more Focus is the ritual of the temple. Festivals are observed in every nook and festival of these cities, so there will be no concern about remembering this event.

Holi festival is celebrated throughout the country with different customs in every region. Then where is the best place for Holi India? different strokes for different folks. It depends on what you want to experience.

Holi Festival in Delhi

In the morning of the Holi festival, there is a grand carnival in Delhi, in which a large number of people, young and old, men and women, come out on the streets, drink each other with colorful powder and water, sing and dance, Enjoy Holi, and say “Holi is (this is Holi)!”. The best places to celebrate Holi in Delhi are residential neighborhoods in South Delhi, where you can incorporate residents into a wonderful traditional festival.

The Holi Cow Festival, also known as the Holi Mo Festival, is popular for modern modern Holi celebrations. Organized in New Delhi, it is a carnival for non-toxic colors, street food, cold (a curd drink with spices), dance and music (from public to rock music), which brings everyone in the mood.

To celebrate Holi’s spirit, there are many Holi parties in Delhi with live performances, music, dance, colors and more.

Tip: Avoid backpackers in Delhi, for example, Paharganj, because festivals can be uncontrolled there.

Holi and Hathi Mahotsav in Jaipur

Holi festival in Rajasthan capital of Jaipur, nothing other than the elephant festival. The Jaipur Elephant Festival is usually celebrated on the eve of Holi or on its day, in which elephant beauty contest, elephant polo and elephant dance are included. It starts with elephants’ traditional procession, which is lovingly decorated and decorated with brilliant jewelry and embroidered.

However, due to opposition to animal rights groups, it has been canceled since 2012. As an alternative to the Rajasthan tourism elephant festival, on the morning of Holi, a special event is organized for the visitors on the lawn of Khaska Kothi Hotel. There are local Rajasthani folk music and colorful powder in this program, but there is no elephant. You can participate in the program even if you are not a guest at the hotel.

Holi festival in Agra

In Agra, holi is celebrated more or less the same way as in Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana. Thousands of people celebrate Holi in the Radha Rani Temple in Barasana, when women beat men with sticks and they save themselves from shields, while they feel very excited, sing songs of Holi and “Shri Krishna “Shout. In Vrindavan and Mathura (the birthplace of Lord Krishna), the festival is celebrated with special pooja and traditional festival to worship Lord Krishna, also called Machhan Chor (literally meaning butter thief).

Functions include a mutiny burst. A pottery vessel filled with buttermilk or other dairies is hung from the rope in the street. Then the boys and men’s groups create pyramid by balancing each other’s back or shoulders and breaking and breaking the utensil with the head of the top, while the girls and women surround the human pyramid, sings and distract them. Spray colored water and make your work difficult.

Holi Festival in Udaipur

Udaipur is also a great place to embrace the true spirit of Holi and experience Holi in the most wonderful settings. On the eve of Holi, there will be a grand procession of royal bands, decorated horses etc., from the royal residence of the Mewar Shahi family to Mane Chowk on the eve of Holi. Later, the Holy Fire will be lit and a Holika statue will be lit. It includes folk dances, singing, drums, cocktails, and a wide dinner and fireworks, and attended by dignitaries, guests and foreign tourists. Join the royal celebrations of the festival along with the Mewar Shahi family of Udaipur, and you will have a unique and memorable experience.

Holi festival in Pushkar

Holi festival in Pushkar, a small holy city of Rajasthan, starts with a big bonfire in the eve of Holi. Local people gather around an unfilled bonfire on a square, throw rosary and wooden branches on fire and then burn the bonfire. Soon the flames increase more than two stories. After the flames, everyone brings burning embers into their home, which is a symbol of good luck in the home. The color throwing festivals start Holi early in the morning. A dance party is organized in the central square of Pushkar with everyone covered with beautiful colors.

In addition to Holi, Pushkar celebrates the annual camel fair where thousands of camels gather on this beautiful desert city. Find out our post to know more about your Pushkar Camel Fair

Holi festival in Varanasi

In the holy city of Varanasi, people celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. In Holika Dahan, a day before Holi, people burn bonfire, throw dung and cow dung into the fire and offer grain to fire god. After using them to rub their bodies, they also throw a paste called Ubuntan in the fire.

It is believed that it can keep them sick-free for the rest of the year. They also apply tilak on the forehead with the ash of ashika. On the day of Holi, people play colors by noon. Some people play with mud instead. In the evening, they gather together for congratulations and interacting with each other, singing and dancing to the ghats.

If you are going to Varanasi, see 10 travel tips to make the best travel from Varanasi.

Holi festival in Goa

In Goa, the Holi Festival is a more comprehensive and one-month long spring festival which is named Igma. It includes Holika Puja, and the offering of Gulal (colorful powder) to the deity.

Holi Festival in Mumbai

Holi is also a major festival and there is a break from busy life in Mumbai. People celebrate it by hanging a high pot of buttermilk, and then people climb each other to break the pot. The name of the breaker of the boat is the King of the Year. In the ISKCON temple, people celebrate Holi in a traditional way. In Bollywood, many actors and actresses celebrate it with colors. Holi parties are organized in most hotels and resorts throughout the city, but most of them require entry fee.

How to enjoy Holi as a foreign visitor?

While Holly is quite a spectacle to be a witness, it is worth noting that it is not for everyone. India’s roads are often crowded and the atmosphere almost goes crazy. It has been suggested to not play Holi on the streets. In fact, many hotels in India offer Holi packages, which include other parties for Holi parties and guests to play color and enjoy Holi.

Tips for attending Holi celebrations

To make your Holi a safe and happy India journey, here are some suggestions:

– Single passengers should avoid leaving the streets on their own. During the festival, young Indian men consuming cannabis and other narcotics can touch women inappropriately. They are often in a group and deal with difficulties.

– Wear old clothes that you do not waste because people on the streets are likely to throw colors on you. To reduce skin blurring, attach yourself to a hat / thick scarf, hair oil, long-sleeve shirt / pants, sun block, lip gloss and nail polish. Wear protective goggles / protect eyeglasses eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses.

– When people are playing the colors around the vehicle, keep the window closed.

If you throw color on someone, do not be angry. Remember that you are here for the festival, and it is celebrated in the same way.

– Use colors made from natural plants such as henna, turmeric, marigold flowers, which can be purchased in local markets and shops (safe to buy from a large shop for good quality). Synthetic colors are more harmful. Avoid use of bright colors like purple, green, yellow, orange, which contain more harmful chemicals. If you are suffering from asthma or severe dust allergy, it is prudent not to venture to play Holi with colors.

– While cleaning your skin, remember to use claying milk / lotion, cotton wool and lukewarm water and keep your eyes and lip tight while washing. Do not use soap, which can dry your skin and be at risk of skin damage. Do not wash the bath immediately after bathing and after cleaning, cleanliness can ruin your skin. Do better after festivities.

– Bhang Lassi, easily go to a very powerful drug that is like a sweet beverage. It is a common practice to eat flax during Holi. But excessive intake of blood pressure, high heart rate, and even psychosis can increase. Never drink empty stomach and mix it with alcohol.

– Take your personal belongings (especially cameras and phones) into a sealed plastic bag. For great photos, you can stand in a higher position.

– March is the tourism peak season of India, it is not mentioned during the Holi festival. You are advised to book the hotel early.

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