VALENTINES WEEK 2019 LIST: Full Week Trip Program

Greetings to all! The month of romance and love is ahead of us. Yes, I am talking about the furry and romantic month of February. This Valentine Week 2019 will be more special for both old and new lovers. You will spend your Valentine day for eight whole days. Every couple will be excited about this week and they should make some special plans about this.

Valentines Week begins on February 7 and ends on February 14th. Each day has a different significance which is very much related to the aspects of Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day 2019 Shayari in Hindi

▶कहता है दिल बार बार हम तुम्हारे हैं सनम,
कितने दूर कितने पास प्रेम होगा न कम।
वैलेंटाइन डे की मुबारकबाद लिखता हूं इस कार्ड में,
तेरी खुशी की कामना करेंगे हम दिन और रात में।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶हम आपके कौन है ‘सनम, बस इतना बता देना।
मैसेज पढ़ने से पहले ‘जानू, थोड़ा मुस्कुरा देना।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶तुम लाजवाब खूबसूरत, और महकते गुलाब हो।
वैलेंटाइन डे तुम्हें मुबारक हो, बस इतना सा ख्वाब है।।Happy Valentine’s Day

▶गुलाब सी महकती रहे जिंदगी तुम्हारी,
यही शुभकामनाएं हैं तुम्हारे लिए हमारी।
गम के बादल हटे मिले खुशियां तुम्हें,
वैलेंटाइन डे की यही शुभकामना है हमारी।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶मेरे ख्वाबों को जैसे कोई मुकाम मिल गया,
जिंदगी को यह सुबह और शाम मिल गया।
जगी दिल में फिर एक चाहत की किरण,
वैलेंटाइन डे का मैसेज मिलेगा मेरे नाम से सनम।।
Happy Valentine Day

▶गमो से भरी पड़ी है अपनी जिंदगानी,
टूटे हुए अफसानों से बनी अपनी कहानी।
रख लो यह गिफ्ट तुम दिल के पास,
बस यही मेरे प्यार की अंतिम निशानी।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

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  • Feb 7, Thursday Rose Day
  • Feb 8, Friday Propose Day
  • Feb 9, Saturday Chocolate Day
  • Feb 10, Sunday Teddy Day
  • Feb 11, Monday Promise Day
  • Feb 12, Tuesday Hug Day
  • Feb 13, Wednesday Kiss Day
  • Feb 14, Thursday Valentines Day

The list of days listed above is listed in the valentine week mentioned above. Though the names of the day can be easily understood, it is better to understand the importance of each day individually.

Rose Day

This is the first and most important day of Valentine Week. Thus, to start with a romantic and lovely mood for the week, we need to start with a rose. Yes, this day is to show love through sharing the rose with my loved ones.

Propose Day

This is the second day and it is also an important day for those who are waiting for the opportunity to propose to their loved ones. This is the day you have a chance to propose. In this day, you can take your beloved to a romantic place and propose your love. It can be more romantic if you can provide something that will seal the deal. Maybe a ring?

Chocolate Day

Chocolate is also something that women like most. Chocolate is one of the sweetest foods you can use to woo your most beloved companion. Its sweet taste reflects that sweet love story that both of you share. And chocolate is a good weapon to surrender to your disappointing romantic cause. So take advantage of this day and plan to throw it tonight in your arms.

Teddy Day

Teddy Day is the fourth day of this week. Teddy bears are going to be the most preferred time for women in some cute and cuddly cases. Then give it a lovely teddy bear on this day and impress it.

Promise Day

Promise Day is your chance to remind you of the opportunities you had in your early days. Or perhaps, this day is the renewal of the love of both of you. And this time, you can make new promises which you both will keep for the rest of your life.


Kiss day is all about smoothing and all. Start your day with a gentle kiss with her and give her good luck about what day. To make it sweet, kiss her every chance you get. Every 10 minutes or every time you go close to him, kiss him. The last kiss should be the longest tonight and the most passionate among them all.

Valentine Day

Hug Day should be similar to Kiss Day. Wrap your loved one in the first light of your hottest and strongest throat mornings. Make him feel that you will not ever plan to let him go. Not now, not soon, and never.

valentine day wishes

Valentine’s day

This is the last day of Valentines Week 2019. So you will be sure to complete this count and beat the other days of Valentine Week. Make him love millions of times with him and show him that you plan to love him for the rest of the time.

▶मैसेज जो भेजा है तुम्हें वैलेंटाइन का,
प्यार से भरा यह मेरे दिल का पैगाम है।
रखना जिगर में तुम इसे संभाल कर,
इसमें बंद मोहब्बत सिर्फ आपके नाम है।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶हे जानू तू है मस्त मस्त रूप तेरा मस्ताना,
मैं प्यासा हूं प्रेम का यह दिल तेरा दीवाना।
वैलेंटाइन डे तुम्हें मुबारक हो हमारी ओर से,
तेरे पीछे पीछे चले यह नया जमाना।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶तेरी सलामती के लिए खुदा को याद करता हूं,
तुम खुश रहो इस जमीन पर बस यही फरियाद करता हूं।
बरकरार रहे तुम्हारे लबों पर मुस्कान की लड़ियाँ,
इन्ही दुआओं के साथ मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

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What is valentine day

Valentine’s Day (or St. Valentine’s Day) is celebrated every year on February 14th. Today Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, mostly in the West, although it remains a working day in all of them. The original “Saint Valentine” was just a celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentines. All modern romantic statements were added by the poets several centuries later.

Days before the high middle ages, Geoffrey was associated with romantic love in the circle of Chaucer when the tradition of the court was flourishing. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an opportunity in which lovers have expressed their love by offering flowers to each other, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (called “valentines”).

Modern Valentines Day symbols include the shape of a heart-shaped, pigeon, and feather-shaped figure. Since the 19th century, handwritten Valentine has given way to the large-scale greeting cards.

Valentine’s Day February 14

Love, Cupid, heart, chocolate, cards, and flowers are everywhere – this is Valentine’s Day! On February 14th, Americans celebrate love and friendship. But where did this holiday of affection come from?

The origin of Valentine’s Day is the MARKI. We know that the ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival, Lopuria, on February 15. With the onset of Christianity, the holiday took place on February 14 – Saint Dewey, who celebrated many early Christian martyrs named Valentine. But somewhere, Valentine’s Day came to represent Romance. You can see a romantic movie right here by Thomas Edison in 1900 “The Kiss”.

▶सितारों को गिनती करना मुश्किल है,
किस्मत में जो लिखा हो उसे मिटाना मुश्किल है।
आपको मेरी जरूरत हो या ना हो,
आपकी अहमियत लफ्जों से जताना मुश्किल है।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶फूल बनकर मुस्कुराना हम जानते हैं,
मुस्कुरा कर गम भुलाना हम जानते हैं।
मिलकर लोग खुश हुए तो क्या हुआ,
बिना मिले रिश्ते निभाना हम जानते हैं।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶हो पूरी दिल की हर ख्वाहिश आपकी,
और मिले खुशियों का जहां आपको।
अगर आप मांगे आसमान का एक तारा,
तो खुदा दे दे सारा आसमान आपको।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶साथ रहते रहते यूं ही वक्त गुजर जाएगा,
दूर होने के बाद कौन किसे याद आएगा।
ले लो ग्रीटिंग इस वैलेंटाइन डे पर,
कल का क्या पता वक़्त कहां ले जाएगा।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day February 14

The romances we make with Valentine’s Day can spring from the medieval belief that the birds choose their companions on February 14th. During the Middle Ages, human lovebirds used to pronounce each other poetry or prose in honor of the day. “Will I compare you with the day of summer?” Written by William Shakespeare. And poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning expressed this kind of love:

How do I love thee; let me count the ways.
I love you from depth and width and height
My soul can reach. . .

Do you write poetry? We also hear these feelings in love songs, such as this old tune, “Aba Press Honeymoon.” How many love songs can you think about which can send your message on Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day February 14

“Will you be my Valentine?” Nowadays people often ask about their loved ones in the greeting card. Probably the first greeting cards, handmade valentines, appeared in the 16th century. In the beginning of 1800, companies started mass production cards. Initially, these cards were hand-painted by factory workers. In the beginning of the 20th century, fancy lace and ribbon-sterling cards were also made by machine. Perhaps you will give or receive a card today or specially celebrate your family or any other person. Valentine’s Day also gives people an opportunity to reflect the meaning of love. What do you think is true love?

What is Valentine’s Day and how it started?

Valentine’s Day, or St. Valentine’s Day, is celebrated every year on February 14th.
This is the day when people show their affection for someone else or people by sending a card, flower or chocolate with a message of love.

▶दिल में आपकी हर बात रहेगी,
जगह छोटी है मगर आबाद रहेगी।
चाहे हम भुला दें इस जमाने को,
यह प्यारी सी दोस्ती हमेशा याद रहेगी।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶शिकवा भी होगा हमसे शिकायत भी होगी,
पर दोस्त से गिला किया नहीं करते।
हम अच्छे नहीं बुरे ही सही,
तुम्हें वैलेंटाइन मुबारक हो,
लेकिन हम जैसा दोस्त मिला नहीं करते।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶आपकी मुस्कान हमारी कमजोरी है,
कह न पाना हमारी मजबूरी है।
आप क्यों नहीं समझते इस खामोशी को,
क्या खामोशी को जुबा देना जरूरी है।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

▶चल जा ग्रीटिंग चमकते हुए,
मेरी हसीन सजनी की बाहों में।
सदा खुश रहना यह दुआ करना तुम,
न कोई गम आए उनकी राहों में।।
Happy Valentine’s Day

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Who was Saint Valentine?

The name of the day meets a famous saint, but there are many stories about who he was.
A popular belief about Saint Valentine is that he was a priest in Rome in the third century AD.

Emperor Claudius II banned the marriage because they thought that married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt this to be inappropriate, so she broke the rules and held a marriage secretly.

When Claudius came to know, Valentine was put in jail and sentenced to death.
There, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and when he was taken to kill on February 14, he sent a love letter “signed by your Valentine”.


How did Valentine’s Day begin?

The first Valentine’s Day was 496 years!
A special Valentine’s Day is a very old tradition, thought to have originated from the Roman festival.
The Roman had a festival called Lupercalia in the middle of February – officially the beginning of their spring.

It was thought that as part of the festival, boys drew girls’ names from a box. They would be lover and girlfriend during the festival and sometimes they would get married.

Later, the church wanted to turn this celebration into a Christian celebration and decided to use it to remember Saint Valentine.
Gradually, the name of Saint Valentine was used by people to express their feelings towards those people.

Valentine Week List 2019: Love in Hug Day, Kiss Day, Valentine’s Day and Other Days of February

When we think of Valentine’s Day, then thinking about the bouquet of flowers cannot be helped too. If your woman is one of those people who loves more than any flower, then we have prepared some important information about using rose for its benefit to dangle her feet. Is our attention now? This Valentine Week 2019, she again loved you all.

Rose day

Do you know that there are seven specific days in the last week before Valentine’s Day? These are Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and Kiss Day. But today, we are just talking about Rose Day. And yes, this is about giving roses or about any flower you liked your partner.

This Valentine Week 2019, we will talk about the first day of Valentine’s Season. So as a kick-start, we will tell you how to maximize your chances of getting love and warmth at the end of this romantic weekend.

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How to get the best rose

If you have the time, try not to get your flowers from any online site. Sometimes, the flowers are not fresh. And the worst thing is that the flower arrangement can not be as per the advertisement. So what you should do is get those flowers for yourself. And since you are there, try to choose the right flower bouquet to make it more personal and more attractive for your loved one.

Given that your partner is the love of your life, it expects you to know what she wants and what she likes. Therefore, try to use that information to choose the best design of flowers bouquet for him.

How to send flowers

There are several ways to accomplish this romantic plan. You can always go in front of him personally to give a flower. Or you can give it to someone through him. Just make it some style or flare You can use it to create a gateway to surprise it. Or if you like that the shop tells your lady where she wants to meet you, then it is also good.

be creative. After all, this is the most important person for which you are doing this. So it does not matter how much you try in it. What matters is that he will be happy and you can get some extra love tonight. Just correct it and do not forget to tell him some sweet notes and some romantic gesture to seal the day.

This Valentine Week 2019 starts with a bang. Surprise and impress it with your thoughts. And remind him how lucky he is that you belong to him. Love is in the air. Breathe in it and make it your own. Happy Valentine Week lovers!

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