Teddy Day 2019: Happy Teddy Day for Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Quote, SMS

Even the name of this day sounds so sweet! Teddy Bear Day falls on Sunday, 10 February 2019 and is the fourth day of Valentine Week. I want to share with you a very lovely story. A friend of mine gives a lovely teddy to every one of his valentines on Valentine’s, which is a very cute quote for him and he is saying “Teddy Bears Day, teddy is cute, old or new, but nothing You are not so cute and cute. “Now, this is amazing for a girl.

People are well aware of how to celebrate Valentine’s Week, but some confusions are in accordance with Teddy Day. If you are also empty about Teddy Day Celebration, here are some wonderful ways to celebrate Teddy Day for your convenience.
Happy teddy day

This is a smart thing you can do on Teddy’s day! Obviously, you are going to give your best half teddy bear, but giving it with a quote is definitely going to make her smile. Here are some good teddy bear de messages for friends, girlfriend, and boyfriend.

It is really important to give the best teddy bears to the best person in your life. If you do not have time to do this, you can find “The best teddy bear on Amazon” and order them as soon as possible.

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Teddy bear de quotes

Teddy is the sweetest way to express your love Happy Teddy Bear Day

Softly teddy is to show that I will always be there and you should know.

When everyone has disappointed you, there is always a Ted! Happy Teddy Day

Even if the sun refused to shine, even if romance went out of the poem, still you will stay in my heart until the end of time, you need me. Happy Teddy Day

By giving this gift to Teddy, I want to show you that I am ready to make myself and fill your life with sunshine.

For my most beloved wife, who is definitely my life, this teddy bear is an indication that you will become mine forever.

A sweet teddy bear, my sweet friend, on a lovely event, just to say, happy teddy bear day

You are in my thoughts and in my heart, wherever I can go, on Teddy Bear Day, I want to say this, I care more than your information.

Happy Teddy Day 2019 Hindi Shayari

अगर आप एक टेडी होते,
तो गले लगा कर हर रोज अपने संग सुलाते,
आजकल हम हर टेडी को देख कर मुस्कुराते हैं,
कैसे बताएं उन्हें…
हमें तो हर टेडी में वोही नजर आते हैं।

Tum Haste Raho teddy bear ki tarah,
muskurati Raho Hamesha chhalakti bear Ki Tarah,
bas Gayi Ho Dil Me Kisi dear Ki Tarah.

आप अकेले चल दिए हम खड़े रह गए,
हर बार की तरह आंसू आज भी बह गए,
हम ने याद किया आपको हर लम्हा,
और आप ने हंसकर कहा,
याद किया सबको एक बस आप ही रह गए।

Agar aap ek Teddy Hote,
To Hum apne pass Rakh lete,
Daal ke apni Jholi Mein saath saath apni Le Chalte,
Hug karke roz ratko apne sang sulaate.

फर्क सिर्फ इतना सा है प्यार और खुदा में…
एक की याद तकलीफ देती है
और दूसरे की याद तकलीफ में आती है।
Happy Teddy Day.
Teddy Day Shayari 2019

Tum Haste Raho, nachte Raho,
muskurate Raho,
Sada Khil khilate Raho,
khush raho aur Gungunate Raho.

आज टेडी बेयर के दिन तुमसे वादा करता हूं,
हमेशा में तुम्हारे पास रहूंगा,
कभी दुख ना दूंगा कभी तंग ना करूंगा,
Happy Teddy Day.

Teddy day ka mauka hai,
phir kyu apne Khud Ko roka Hai,
Jao aur de aao Apne Pyar Ko teddy,
Is Din Ka to Andaaz Hi Anokha hai.


Teddy Bear day

A teddy bear is a childhood, faded, wrapped in a yellow fur.

Teddy bear is a day of love, it is a day when you get your true love, a day of day and delicious candies, on a day when Cupid kills you with the arrow of love, one day when you get your teddy Find beer, so will you be my

Without a bear, a bedroom is like a face without a teddy bear, without a smile, Happy Teddy Day.

You are in my thoughts and in my heart, wherever I can go, on Teddy Bear Day, I want to say this, I care more about your information.

What is the importance of doing a teddy bear gift on Teddy Bear Day?

Teddy bears are given to those people who we love for strong emotional reasons. We have teddy bears and stuffed animals since childhood and that’s because we all are connected to the core of their heart.

Tip: Almost all the girls are crazy about pink teddy bears, so you can always gift them a luxurious teddy bear in any form of pink. You can also find other options like white, blue and custom-made teddy bears.

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Teddy bear day

Every year it is celebrated on 9th September, Teddy Bear Day is a holiday in which people take the time to accept the special link between themselves and their teddy bear. On this day, teddy beers fans are encouraged to thank all their teddy bears for comfort, companionship and a good time from them. The right day for people to remember your favorite childhood friend!

Happy Teddy Day 2019 Shayari in Hindi for Lover

टेडी बेयर की तरह तुम हमेशा हंसते रहो,
मुस्कुराते रहो खेलते रहो,
हंसते रहो नाचते रहो,
शॉप्ट रहो टेडी बेयर की तरह,
Happy Teddy Day.
Teddy Day SMS in Hindi

Guzar Jayega Ye Din yaar,
agar tum karte ho Kisi Se Pyar,
Milega na Aisa Mauka Kabhi,
Phir bahut pachtaoge Tum yaar,
Isliye Kehte Hai Tumse ki karlo tum jaldi jaldi Pyar Ka ijhar.

भेज रहा हूं टेडी प्यार से,
रखना इसे तुम सवाल के,
हो मोहब्बत अगर मुझसे तो भेज देना एक टेडी मुझे भी प्यार से.🐅🦁..

Usne Khwahish Ki rone Ki,
To Dikha Barsaat Aa Gayi,
Hamari Tamanna Thi unhe teddy dekar manane ki,
Lo teddy Ki Raat Aa Gayi.
Happy Teddy Bear Day.

टेडी टेडी पास तो आओ,
उनको हमारी याद तो दिलाओ…

Har Chehre Me Wo hi Nazar Aate Hai,
Unhe Shikayat Hai humse ki,
hum Har Kisi Ko dekar muskurate Hain,
Na Samajh hai wo kya Jane,
Hame To Har Chehre Mein Woh hi Nazar Aate Hain.
Happy Teddy Day.
Teddy Day Stats in Hindi

तुम हंसते रहो टेडी बेयर की तरह,
बस गए हो दिल में किसी डियर की तरह…

Teddy lagte Kitne Pyare Hai,
Aur Dil Mein Bhi Utar Jate,
Dekh kar unhe ladkiyon ke,
man Na Jane kidhar Kho jate,
Happy Teddy Bear Day.

History of teddy bear and teddy bear day

By the end of the 20th century, the roots of teddy bears can be traced. This is when American President Teddy Roosevelt went on a hunting trip with some of his friends in November of 1902. During hunting, the Roosevelt attendants planted the corn and tied a black bear with a willow tree when he followed it with his prey. hunting dog.

Teddy Roosevelt was then called to the site to be able to shoot the bear and take home as a trophy. However, he decided that killing bears would be ineffective, so he ordered his assistants to pull the animal out of its misery.

When Roosevelt waved the media, the people were fascinated by the story and started equipping the president with a black bear. This effect became even bigger when the Washington Post published a political satire showing that Roosevelt had hated the black bear as a handler.

After looking at this cartoon, Morris Michhot decided to make a small version of that black bear. He wanted to get permission to use the name of Teddy Roosevelt’s first name to keep this bear’s name “teddy bear”, so he sent the president with permission for a note. After getting the permission, they started constructing bears and they immediately succeeded. From then on, teddy bears will become an American icon.

While the history of teddy bears is well-documented, there is no history of teddy bear days. Today, no one really knows who started the Teddy Bear Day. It is believed that it started in 2002 – or around the 100th anniversary of the production of teddy bears. However, it can neither be confirmed nor denied.

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Teddy Bear Day Customs & Celebrations

You really need to celebrate Teddy Bear’s Day that is your favorite stuffed bears. It does not matter if this is what you loved as a child or if you had bought it last week. Take it out for a walk out of town, spend watching the day with it or hug it. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate this fun holiday.

However, there are some other ways to spend this holiday. For example, if you do not spend too much time with your teddy bear, consider cleaning it or donating it to your favorite donations – perhaps a donation dedicated to toys for needy children, such as toys for totes or Charity which works like another purpose like Salvation Army or Goodwill.

If you can not take part with Teddy, then you can go to Build-A-Bear, make a teddy and then donate it to a needy child. This is a perfect way to spend teddy bear days.

Another fun way to spend teddy bear days is to learn about the life and accommodation of all the bears. You can read scientific articles, read Wikipedia or even visit your local zoo, and see how many attractive living bears are in fact.

If that does not make you happy, you can always spend some time watching one of the many films dedicated to teddy bears or feature beer. These include films such as Ted, Ted 2, Toy Story 3 or Mazebullaiya.

Teddy bear day is a day of love

Happy Teddy Day Images, Pics, Quotes, Wishes, Sms, Status

Happy Teddy Day, Teddy Day Image for Facebook DP, Whatsapp Status, Teddy Day Pix Photo, Happy Teddy Day, Quotes, SMS, Wish, Message, Date 10 February 2018: Teddy Day Valentine’s Day is the 4th day in the list. It is celebrated on February 10th.

This day is quite famous among the youth. As the big generation thinks this is a childish thing. Teddy bears are also very loving and adorable gifts for children as well as for the kids. Girls love when they are a gift teddy. So go ahead on this teddy bear day and send your cute or cute teddy to your girlfriend or life partner.

If you are unable to meet a loved one and offer a teddy, then you will send these lovely Teddy Day SMS and dear Teddy Day messages. You can also use the new Teddy Day image to send.

Happy Teddy Day 2019 Shayari for Friends and Lovers

कुछ एहसान के साए दिल को छू जाते हैं,
कुछ मंजर दिल में उतर जाते हैं,
बेजान गुलशन में भी फूल खिल जाते हैं,
जब जिंदगी में आप जैसे दोस्त मिल जाते हैं।
Happy Teddy Day.

Mera Teddy sambhal kar Rakhna,
Yeh aapko bahut pyar karta hai,
Hamare Dil Ki Baatein Ye aapse kahega,
Kyuki Hamara Dil aapse Kehne Se Darta Hai,
Happy Teddy Bear Day.
Teddy Day Quotes in Hindi

गुजर जाएगा यह दिन यार
अगर तुम करते हो किसी से प्यार
मिलेगा ना ऐसा मौका कभी
फिर बहुत पछताओगे तुम यार इसलिए कहते हैं तुमसे
की करलो तुम जल्दी जल्दी प्यार का इजहार।

Tedi Tedi Paas to aao,
unko Bhi Apne Saath to lao,
Baithe Hain Hum kab se tanha,
Uunko Hamari Yaad to dilao.
Happy Teddy Bear.

मैं भी तुम्हारा,
प्यारा सा भोला सा टेडी बेयर हूं,
उसमे मेरी जान बसती है,
मैं आपको एक टेडी बेयर गिफ्ट करता हूं।
Happy Teddy Day.

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Teddy Day’s date and celebration in other countries 2018

Since Teddy Day is on the list of Valentines Week, which is a full week in India, celebrated before Valentine’s Day. But in different countries the case is different.

In the USA – there is no day like Teddy Day in the USA. But they celebrate Teddy Day on 9th September. The world is Teddy Day. As is in India, there is a whole Valentine’s Week in the United States and the whole week is celebrated as Valentines Day.

In Canada-Canada’s Valentine, it’s the day when people choose to tell their partner that they love you. In a romantic way with the gifts of flowers, Teddy’s Chocolate Candle Light Dinner etc., but there is no Teddy Day.

In Singapore- This is a day to celebrate love and friendship. No Valentine Week is celebrated before Valentine’s Day. Everybody celebrates on February 14 with great passion and fanfare.

In India – In India, there is a whole week before Valentines Day and Teddy Day is part of it. It is celebrated on February 10th. Girlfriends boyfriend on Teddy Day takes their partner out for a date or dinner. In this way, it is celebrated with great passion.

Happy Teddy Day 2018 | Teddy Day quotes and SMS for your love

We have brought the latest teddy bear messages for you, which you can send with your girlfriend in the 10 to 12 basket with teddy bears or teddy bears. Also, send the best picture.

“Teddy bears do not have a heart but it’s completely full of love. I love like a teddy bear, kiss me like a teddy bear, embrace me like a teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day …

“If you are a chocolate you should be the fondest of being the brightest. If you are my teddy bear, you will be the most hindered. Since you are my love. your the best.

“So what if I am fat and am a vegetarian, you can make me your own teddy bear and you can become my Barbie doll. Happy Teddy Day My Love.

“Teddy is sweet, teddy is sweet, Teddy is soft, Teddies can be huge, but it is for those people I love and which is more sweet and soft than a teddy. I love you. Teddy Day and Happy Valentines Day Advance.

Teddy Day Shayari in Hindi 2019

Teddy day pe Tumse Vaada karta hoon,
Hamesha main Tumhare Sath Rehne Ka Irada karta hoon,
Tumhare Dil Mein Rehne Ka Vaada Karta Hoon.
Happy Teddy Day.

चॉकलेट की खुशबू,
आइसक्रीम की मिठास,
प्यार की मस्ती और हाथों का स्वाद,
हंसी के गुब्बारे और तुम्हारा साथ,
मुबारक हो आपको टेडी डे का त्यौहार।

Teri Meri Dosti Ka Afsana bhi hai,
isme Pyar Ka Khazana bhi hai,
isliye chahata hoon aapse teddy bear Magna,
aur aaj to maangne ka bahana bhi hai.
Happy Teddy Bear Day.

Happy Teddy Day Images with Quotes, Messages for Har

Since Teddy Day is celebrated in India only in the Valentine Week List before Valentine’s Day. So you can share these sweet teddy beers wishes with your friends and loved ones. Sweet sweet teddy with which you gift them. Even Facebook uses them in WhatsApp and Twitter.

“Today on this Teddy Day, I want to wish the most lovable girl than Teddy. Happy Teddy Day …

“I wish I had a teddy bear in your room that would be lying on your bed so that when you embrace it you would embrace me instead …

“This is a lovely teddy bear for my lovely wife who is definitely my life. I want to tell you that never let me in life. Happy Teddy Day

“In a room, if there is no teddy, then it is like a face without smiles. You are in my blood and heart. And in my thoughts and dreams Happy Teddy Day

“Teddy is soft, Teddy is cute, they can be old or new, but they are always able to be hug and fit. That’s you Happy Teddy Day.

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What’s Hot, Cute Teddy Bear Images for Facebook Status

So these are our Happy Teddy Day SMS and Messages and Happy Teddy Day Wish. You can also download cute teddy de images to share with your friends and girlfriend or lover. Send your husband or wife a cute Teddy with our Teddy Day SMS.

The latest and best teddy day quotes, best wishes, SMS, and messages are here, which you can share on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. You can also use them as status and profile pickup.

Teddy Day – February 10, Teddy Day: One day to Delight with a lovely lady!

Teddy bears are symbols of cuteness and incubitability, and it is a symbol of the tenderness of heart that always helps in finding love and affection. Teddy Day is celebrated mostly by young couples, who have started to experience the purest feeling of the Universe, which is “love”. This Valentine is celebrated on the fourth day of the week and it falls on February 10th. Some old and married couples also celebrate this day by exchanging Teddy.

On this day beautiful teddy bears are presented to the loved ones as a symbol of love. People also share lovely and hearty teddy messages and SMS on Teddy Day to greet their neighbors, family, friends, girlfriend, and lover. People greet each other through various platforms, such as by sending text messages, email, WhatsApp message, and other different messages.

These Teddy Day messages often include a picture of soft and lovable teddy, which brings curtness and innocence in the relationship and revive the belief that has evolved into a relationship in a year. Some hearts touching Teddy Day messages are as follows:

You always live on the deepest corners of my heart.

I want to live in your life so that I can feel like a soft and delicate teddy which is dear to everyone.

You flip through my body all day just as the blood flows in the body so that we can be kept alive.

Keep this thread of love between you and me as soft like this teddy.

Girls are especially lured to receive a teddy on this day or on any particular day of their life, what will happen if that day is a teddy day itself? Boys and lovers roam madly and find suitable shops who present the best teddy with love messages, they can tell their daughter without saying anything. There is a special place for nonchalance in the heart of a girl, whether it is from any age group.

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How is Teddy Day celebrated?

Couples start this day and send cute Teddy Day gifts and receive, after which the party does and exchanges Teddies and ends the offer and says that I love their colleagues. People send cute teddies online to their wives, friends, spouses, and friends if they are located in a distant place Teddy girls, children and women are most liked and therefore male friends or boyfriends and husbands give it to their partner around the world.

Some even surprise their darling with many beautiful Teddies to decorate their rooms, which make sweet memories instead of making the person happy. Sweet and sweet Teddies have the power to calm anger and to make positive changes in someone’s mood.

Even if Teddy is not real, but he does not have a real voice or real heart and he is just stuffed and ready but he is still full of love and affection. They say everything that people in love want to say to their partner without using words and refreshing their mood and make them happy. Some people love Tedez so much that they can not imagine their bedroom without Teddy.

Prepare yourself to get the best teddy!

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