Happy Kiss Day 2019 Images, Quotes, Wishes, Messages

Happy Kiss Day 2019: Kiss Day is the 6th day of Valentines Week List. This valentines is towards the end of the week. Kiss is an important part of any relationship that strengthens bondage. For many of you, this might be the first time that you are going to kiss your love.

Do not be nervous to watch some kissing on the kiss and learn to kiss because the first impression is the final assumption. Going straight to a date and kissing your girl is not a good idea. Remember some romantic kiss lines for her or send some romantic kiss day messages and happy kiss day wishes. This kiss day is very popular in India but not in other parts of the world. There are other kiss days around the world like below.

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Kiss day and celebration 2019 in other countries

India has a date of Kiss Day in India on February 13, 2019. But this festival is limited to lovers like other countries. It celebrates Happy Kiss Day greetings or best, lovely, romantic and even funny kisses by sending images, photos, photos, quotes, messages and gifts.

In the UK – July 6 is the International Kiss Day. This is to clear the minds of people about the concept of kissing. A kiss can be of a different kind, such as a good goodbye kiss, a passionate kiss, your child’s kiss of love. They celebrate it differently, it is in general.


Happy Kiss Day 2019 | Kiss Day Quotes And SMS For Your Love

You have the latest kissing day quotes, messages and SMS to use as a status update. You can also use them as a single liner on your girlfriend or boyfriend.

“We get heat from the sun,
We get water from rain,
We breathe through air,
And sweet kiss energize the relationship.

“If my lips can express my love and feelings
So my lips would be on your forever
“I want to show my love
But you did it with only one kiss

“If a rain drop is compared with a kiss
I gift you it with showers
If hug is compared with seconds
I will spend years
If smiles are compared with water
I delighted you with whole sea
If love is compared with people
I send me and my self
HaPpY KiSs DaY…

“Kiss is the most natural way to
Express love, affection and care
Happy kiss day to my loved ones…
“Kisses are like happiness
So it is best when shared
Happy KISS day…

“Kiss is the first language
We understand right from birth
Happy KiSS Day…
“Kiss is one action that discribes
What thousands of words can not?
It shows love and affection…

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Best Kiss Day Messages With Images | Top kissing sms for friends

Kiss Day with images on this upcoming Kiss Day make it a special one for your love. There are Kiss Day Images with sms to use as a Facebook status update. You can also use them as a text message for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

This kiss falls on February 13, which happens on Monday. So it’s beneficial for all those boys and girls, where you can make a small weekend plan for them. And 12th is also a public holiday. You can actually plan for four days long weekends for 14 days.

We are also giving you amazing HD pictures of Kiss Day and Kiss images, which you can share with your loved ones, or you can share these Kiss Day images on social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. The word kissing is so touchy that it completely affects our mind, there are many romantic movies that have beautiful kiss scenes. Young couples see such films to learn from them.


Kiss Day SMS For Girlfriend | Kiss Day SMS For Boyfriend

“It is sweet as sugar, there is a gesture of love and it is just a small kiss which gives great happiness …
“It’s a big world with millions of people, but my love is just for u” day of happiness …
“The great relationship begins with a sweet kiss and ends with” yes I do … ”
“A kiss is just a sign of love and affection that comes from within the dark color and touches deep within the soul …
“It’s just a four-letter word” KISS “which automatically brings smiles on every face …
“When words can not detect quarrels, a sweet kiss brings everything back …
“A kiss on your forehead revive broken hearts …
“Kiss is lovely, sweet gesture of love, gratitude of respect and attitude of love …

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Romantic Kiss SMS | Cute kiss free message

“Love is garnished with love on a dish of love …
“Your tight throat, long kiss, forget me that the world is cruel. I get love and love everywhere …
“A gentle kiss with your love is a mute and a symbol of respect and love with love !!!
“If the number of kisses shows” how much i love you “then i will never stop kissing you …
“A kiss is a silence that I love you that is not spoken but it is understood …
“When you can not explain your love with your words, your lips do all this with a smile on your love face …
“What is the most precious gift of your love, it is precious, but it is more qualified than diamond … be happy day”
“It does not cost anything for a kiss, but if u really loves someone you will find it more worthy than the world …
“A kiss from U makes my whole day the best and most happy … the day of happiness
“When a woman or a girl kisses her slowly, she feels love, respect, care and security …
“Love and kissing are important because when you love u and when you express you u kiss … HAPPY KISS DAY
“Kiss is like a medicine for you and you are my addiction, I can not love you … I love you …
“A kiss fixes thousands of wounds … a day of happiness
“If a kiss is a medicine for all my illness, then I would like to be sick forever … HAPPY AISSAY
“Love is the best thing in the world and kisses are pieces on cake !!!! Happy day
“Before I was alive I was alive, but after I found you are living and loving you have become my oxygen to breathe and kiss you have become my food on which I depend and You are now in my blood and I will live with you till I die. Once I die, but my love for you will live forever … be happy my love

Cute and Romantic Kisses Images for Happy Kiss Day Pics

So these are the best kiss day messages and images you can get. Go ahead and send these cute and romantic kiss day messages to your loved ones. Send this romantic kiss message and picture to her before meeting her girlfriend on a date.

These messages will heighten your mood before kissing. You like our latest messages and quotes, then share it on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. You can also use them as status and profile photo updates. If you like it, then share your actual comment in the comment section.

Happy Kiss day shayari in hindi for girlfriend

मुझे उम्मीद है की आपको joke पसन्द आया होगा. यहाँ पर जितनी भी kiss day messages है अगर आपको पसन्द आये तो इनको आप अपने lover के साथ सोशल मीडिया पर शेयर जरुर करें.

शायरी के साथ-साथ यहाँ पर आपको Happy kiss day beautiful wallpapers भी मिलेंगे जिसको आप फ्री डाउनलोड कर सकते हो. तो आईये अब शुरू करते है.”

किस किस की महफिल मैं किस किस ने
किस किस को किस किया.
एक वोह है जिसने हर मिस को किस किया
एक आप है जिसने हर किस को मिस किया…
Kiss day Mubarak my love.

Hot kiss sms in hindi

होठों से तेरे होठों को गीला कर दूँ
तेरे होठों को में और भी रसीला कर दूँ,
तु इस क़दर प्यार करे की प्यार की इन्तहा हो जाये,
तेरे होठों को चूस कर तुझे और भी जोशीला कर दूँ |
हैप्पी किस डे 2017.

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Most Romantic Kiss Day Shayari For Gf

काश मेरे होठ तेरे होठों को छू जाए,
देखों जहा बस तेरा ही चेरा नज़र आये,
हो जाए हमारा रिश्ता कुछ ऐसा
होठों के साथ हमारा दिल भी जुड़ जाए |
Happy kiss day baby.

Kiss day whatsapp status in hindi

मोहब्बत के रंग में डूबी शाम हो,
एक नै शुरवात का पैगाम हो,
मिले तेरे होठ मेरे होठों से ऐसे
जेसे मेरे होठ तेरे और तेरे होठ मेरे नाम हो |

हद से जादा तेरे करीब आने को जी करता है,
तेरे होठों को होठों से छू जाने को जी करता है,
तुम हो मेरे बेताब दिल की धड़कन
तुम्हें अपना बनाने को जी करता है |

Sweet Kiss day Quotes in hindi 2017 for girlfriend

होती नही मोहब्बत सूरत से, मोहब्बत तो दिल से होती है, सूरत उनकी खुद ही प्यारी लगती है, कद्र जिनकी दिल में होती है…
मुझे मालूम नही की मेरी आँखों को तलाश किस की है, वैसे. तुझे देखता हूँ तो मंजिल का गुमान होता है.

मुझे उम्मीद है की आपको kiss day shayari and images पसन्द आई होगी. आपको यह शायरी कैसी लगी या फिर आप इन शायरी के प्रति कुछ बोलना चाहते हो तो आप कमेंट करके हमारे साथ शेयर कर सकते हो और इन विशेस को फेसबुक, ट्विटर, व्हात्सप्प पर शेयर जरुर करे.

Kiss Day Status in Hindi: गर्लफ्रेंड को आज ऐसे SMS भेजना तो बनता है

उसके होंठो को चूमा तो ऐहसास हुआ,
सिर्फ पानी ही जरूरी नहीं प्यास बुझाने के लिए

मेरे प्यार का अफसाना भी है
इसमें प्यार का खजाना भी है,
इसलिए चाहते हैं आपसे एक किस मांगना,
और आज तो मांगने का बहाना भी है
हैप्पी किस डे

दिल अब बस तुझे ही चाहता है,
तेरी यादों में ये खो जाता है,
लग गयी है इस में इश्क की आग
ऐसी के तेरे होंठो को चूमने को दिल चाहता है
हैप्पी किस डे

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Kiss Day Hindi Lines Shayari

हर रोज़ तुझे Pyaar करूँ..
हर रोज़ तुझे Yaad करूँ..
हर रोज़ तुझे Miss करूँ…
और आज के दिन में तुझे Kiss करूँ..

Kiss की कोई भाषा नहीं होती..
Kiss की कोई ज़ात नहीं होती..
आज कर लो मुझे Kiss..क्यूँकि कर रहा हु, में तुझे बहुत Miss..❤️

Wo Pehla Kiss Jo Humne Ek duje Ko Kia,
Wo Kiss Humare Pyar Ki Shuruwat thi,
Humara Pyar Hamesha kayam Rahega,
Bus Tum Usi shiddat se Mujhe Kiss Karti Rehna.

Na aap kuch kehna na hum kuch kahenge,
Aap bhi chup rehna hum bhi chup rahenge,
Ek duze ko hum apni bahon mein bharenge,
Phir ek lambi wali mast si KISS karenge.

Tuje Chumne Ka Maza Hi Aur Hai,
Tuje Me Chuma Tere In Kubsurat Gulabi Honton Pe,
Tuje Chumo Me Tera Hasen Mehktwe Jism Ko,
Bus Tume Hi Chumta Jao,
Is Tarah Mere Jawani Ki Saal Beet Jaye.

Meri dosti ka afsana bhi hai. Is me pyar ka khazana
bhi hai. Isliye chahte hain aapse Ek Kiss mangna.
Or aaj to mangne ka bahana bhi hai.
Happy Kiss Day

Kiss kiss ki mahphil me,
Kiss kiss ne kiss kiss ko KISS kiya.
Ek hum they jisne her ‘Miss’ ko Kiss kiya,
Aur ek aap they jisne har kiss ko miss kiya…
Happy Kiss Day

Gham me hasne walo ko kabhi rulaya nahi jata,
lehro se pani ko hataya nahi jata,
hone wale ho jate hain khud hi dil se apne,
kisi ko kehkar apna banaya nahi jata..
Happy kiss day

Ab Tujhe Hi Chahne Ko Jee Chahta Hai,
Teri Yaado Me Kho Jaane Ko Jee Chahta Hai,
Laga Di H Tumne Aisi Ishq Ki Aag,
Kay Choom Choom K Kha Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai
Happy Kiss Day.

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